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Welcome to the Water's Edge at Fair Lakes HOA Website

No Bikes on Tennis Court Please
Water’s Edge Homeowners Association reminds everyone that our tennis court is restricted to tennis and pickleball playing only.  Other activities or forms of play are not allowed.  
Please ensure your children are aware of this rule and that they stay out of the tennis court.  The riding of bikes and scooters, playing on the court with other toys or hanging/pull on the net creates damage to the court and repair costs to homeowners.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Yard Waste Pick-Up on Saturdays 
Saturday yard waste collection resumed in April and will continue every Saturday until December 24th. 
Yard waste is defined as grass clippings, leaves, or bush/hedge trimmings resulting from the normal maintenance of your property. Up to 10 bags, bundles, or containers not to exceed 50 pounds each may be collected per home each week. 
Please place your yard waste on the curb in brown paper yard waste bags or deposited in a personal container clearly marked 'YARD WASTE' on both sides of the container.  Waste should be placed curbside the night before to ensure pick-up.
Patriot Disposal will also collect tree trimmings and branches (up to 4 inches in diameter each) as long as the branches are cut into 4-foot or less lengths, and tied with rope or twine into small, manageable bundles. Each bundle can be no larger than 2 feet in diameter or more than 50 lbs. 
Apr. 8, 2023

Trash & Recycling Schedule and Box Breakdown Reminder
The community's trash and recycling schedule is:
  • Trash  - Monday and Thursday
  • Recycling - Wednesday 
Please remember to store your trash and recycling totes out of sight after pick-up.
Additionally, trash and recycling pick-up is automated, so please do not place ANY OTHER items curbside. All trash and recycling needs to be broken down and placed in your recycling bin.  Items (bags, boxes, etc.) left outside of the tote may NOT be picked up, so please hold them for the following week's pick-up.
Updated: Apr. 8, 2023

Recycling Reminder:
What Can I Recycle?
The Fairfax County I-66 Transfer Station, located off of West Ox Road, across from Costco, is the nearest county recycling center to Water's Edge. 
As an environmentally-responsive recycling center, county residents may responsibly disposal of glass, used motor and cooking oil, paint, aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic jugs,  household chemicals, automotive fluids, paint and many other liquids and chemicals, along with food scraps, electronics and e-waste for free.  Trash, furniture, batteries and other items can be disposed of for a fee.
I-66 Transfer Station
4618 West Ox Road, Fairfax ,VA
Mon. - Fri.  7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sat. - Sun. 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Jan. 12, 2023

Pet Waste Problems Continue,
We Need Your Help
The problem of pet waste continues to be an issue in the community.  Several homeowners have brought to management’s attention that dog walkers are allowing their pets to do their business on private lawns and driveways.  This is necessitating homeowners and residents who do not even own dogs to pick up dog feces. 
If you walk a dog, please be responsible and keep your dog from doing its business on private property.  Direct the dog to a common area and, in any case, pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of in your own household trash.
Everyone who resides at Water’s Edge is asked to document to the extent possible the incidences of pet waste problems.  If possible, take a photo of the dog and walker.  Ask the walker to refrain from letting the pet relieve itself on any private property.  And, if possible, ask the person if he or she is visiting from a neighboring community or a Water's Edge resident. 
If the proper documentation can be made available about a particular incident or repeat offender, a report to the County may result in the pet owner incurring a fine up to $250 for violation of the county’s pooper-scooper law. 
Pet waste left on the grass, concrete, or in the woods makes its way to storm drains every time it rains. Storm drains lead to lakes or streams that ultimately lead to the Occoquan Reservoir and the Potomac River, our fresh water source.  Pet waste may also carry disease-causing organisms, which makes water unsafe for swimming and more costly to treat for human consumption.
Additionally, dog waste on the ground is ugly and messy. It pollutes our environment even if it is hidden in bushes, under leaves or in the woods. So please pick up after your pets. Our collective health depends on it.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Water’s Edge Board of Directors

Good Neighbor Parking...
Can You Park in your Driveway?
We ask all residents to please be a good neighbor and fully utilize ALL of their private parking spaces, including your garage and driveway BEFORE parking your vehicle in our limited guest parking spots.  This way we always have enough spots for overflow parking of residents and guests.
We thank you for your cooperation.
 Updated: 4/8/23

--- Upcoming Meetings & Events --- Note All Meetings Are Now Virtual Contact SCS to Participate
Board of Director's Meeting - Virtual
Tuesday, June 13th, 6:30 PM at Virtual
ARC Meeting - Virtual
Tuesday, June 27th, 6:30 PM at Virtual
Board of Direcctors Meeting
Tuesday, July 11th, 6:30 pm at Virtual

Water's Edge News
 Fair Lakes League to award $2,500 scholarships to 3 Fair Lakes community students.
Student applications will be judged on academic achievement, volunteer/civic involvement, awards and honors, along with an essay.   
Click here for more information, requirements, and to download an application.  Submission open until Noon, June 23, 2023.

Thieves are Active
A resident recently had a visitor’s car broken into while parked in guest parking. Electronics and other items were stolen. Additionally, strangers have been seen driving the community and taking photos. While this may be innocent home improvement company reps looking for potential replacement window, roofs or other projects, Waters Edge is a private community and these canvasing actions are by law, trespassing. 

These recent activities should remind us all to remember the following:
• ALWAYS lock your cars and remove anything of value that can be viewed from the outside.
• ALWAYS lock home doors and windows (front and rear).
• ALWAYS keep your garage door closed. An unattended open garage invites crimes of opportunity. 
• NEVER open doors to strangers.
• For deliveries, set up text notification so you can immediately bring in your deliveries. You can also request specific location delivery, such as your front porch vs. the driver leaving the package in your driveway. Additionally, if you know the package will sit for hours, send your Amazon deliveries to your office or to a nearby hub locker. Amazon’s nearest lockers: 7-Eleven next to CVS and at the nearby Whole Foods.
• Remain vigilant to suspicious activity and watch out for your neighbors. 

 Feb. 27, 2023

White Swan Decoys Deployed
to Reduce Geese Breeding
Swan decoys have been found to effectively reduce Canadian Goose nesting and breeding. 

In early March, swan decoys were deployed to attempt to reduce our growing Canadian Goose population.
Geese in our ponds create hundreds of pounds of poop around the ponds weekly. The typical goose deposits 2 pounds of poop daily. 
In nature, White Swans are very territorial and will fight off most intruders who venture into their habitat.  Geese generally will not want to nest where aggressive white swans live and most times, the geese will choose another body of water to land, feed and nest in.  
The decoys will be removed in at the end of nesting season.
 March 2, 2023

Covid-19 Update:
Board and ARC Meetings Remain Virtual
All monthly Water’s Edge Board of Director's meetings and ARC meetings will continue to use a virtual Zoom videoconferencing service format. This procedure continues for the safety and health of all participants. The Board and ARC continue to meet monthly at their usual dates and times.  The virtual format will continue until further notice.
Please be assured that the Board and SCS continue to manage the HOA's operations as well as the ARC reviewing Exterior Applications and assisting homeowners in projects.
If as a homeowner, you have a critical need to attend a Board meeting, please contact Anastasia Demos, our Community Manager at 703-631-2003 or via email at ademos@scs-management.com and let her know the specific issue or question you have.  We will attempt to conference in the homeowner by providing a link to the Zoom meeting or address the issue offline.
If you need the ARC's assistance, have questions or need advice on an exterior project, contact them at WatersEdgeARC@gmail.com.
Please watch this website for updates and additional information regarding Board meetings, committee meetings and other important HOA news.
Updated: March 14, 2023

Homeowners - How to Register
To access any of the features or information in the Members section, homeowners and residents must register and login. 
To register, select the Register option on the left navigation menu. All you'll need is your name, address, email address, and Water's Edge Account Number*.
* Your Account Number is listed on your Water's Edge-Associa invoice.

Other Local News & Tips

Volunteer to Help
The Association is looking for several volunteers for help out on a couple committees:
  • Architectural Review (ARC)
  • Landscaping and Grounds
  • Social
  • Website & Newsletter
The community needs a couple people for the Architectural Review (ARC), the Landscaping and Grounds, and Social  Committees. 
If you would like to volunteer for a committee, and WE DO NEED YOUR HELP.  Please use the Contact Us form and send your message directly to the specific committee.  You may also complete the Committee Volunteer form and submit it directly to SCS.  The form is located on the Forms & Documents page.


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