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Welcome to the Water's Edge at Fair Lakes HOA Website

Trash and Recycling Service
Change Announcement
For the past several months, the community’s waste and recycling disposal service, provided by American Disposal has been unreliable and the HOA was unilaterally informed that American would change from twice weekly pick-ups to once weekly.
This modification in service came with no reduction in the cost of providing service. American Disposal attributed the change to increased fuel costs, inability to hire and retain employees, and scheduling problems due to equipment failures.   SCS worked with American Disposal to attempt to address these issues, however, the situation has not improved.  Additionally, the Board heard from many owners about their dissatisfaction with American’s service. 
Therefore, the Board determined the contractor had failed to meet their contract obligations and breached the contractual terms.  The Board then obtained cost estimates from other disposal contractors.  At the September, 2022 Board Meeting, Patriot Disposal was selected to be the new service provider and American Disposal was then notified of the HOA‘s cancelation of the contract.  
Patriot Disposal’s 3-year contract provides twice a week collection at an annual cost is $58,000.  A review of their references with other area HOAs indicated Patriot has been satisfactorily meeting all their contractual obligations and should provide significantly more reliable service along with comparable pricing.  Moving to Patriot will cost just $250 per month more to once again get twice weekly trash pick-up service and eliminate the expected quality-of-service issues experienced with American.
Therefore, Patriot Disposal will begin servicing Water’s Edge HOA in December 2022.
The following are the important dates regarding the transition from American Disposal to our new trash and recycling collector, Patriot Disposal, along with the dates for the return and replacement of both your trash and recycling totes.
- November 25th Friday  -  Last day for American Trash Pick Up
- November 26th Saturday - Patriot Delivers New Totes  New Tote Delivery Date TBD
- November 28th Monday – Patriot First Day Trash Pick UP
- November 28th Monday- American Picks Up Old Trash and Recycle Totes
Please remember, failure to place BOTH your American totes curbside the evening of Sunday, Nov. 27th for morning pick-up on Monday, Nov. 28th, will result in the homeowner being automatically billed $75.00 per tote not returned ($150 for both).  American will NOT return for a second tote pick-up.
Patriot will deliver new totes once supply chain issues are resolved.  Watch this space for updates.
Moving forward, trash and recycling schedule will be:
- Monday and Thursday – Trash Service
- Wednesday – Recycling Service
- Saturday – Yard Waste Service
Yard waste pick-up will end on Dec., 24, 2022 and will resume in the spring (TBD)
Please be patient with us and SCS as we will strive to make this transition as smooth as possible. 
Should you have any questions on this transition, please contact  Anastasia Demos, Community Manager, SCS at 703-230-8705 or ademos@scs-management.com. If you need more information on Patriot, visit: patriotdisposalservices.com
Nov. 18, 2022

Trash & Recycling Day
Changed to Fridays Only
The trash and recycling pick-up day has changed to Fridays only until Nov. 25th.  After which, Patriot will begin Monday and Thursday Trash Service and Wednesday Service.
 (see above)
Updated: Nov. 18, 2022

Pet Waste Problems Continue
We Need Your Help
The problem of pet waste continues to be an issue in the community.  Several homeowners have brought to management’s attention that dog walkers are allowing their pets to do their business on private lawns and driveways.  This is necessitating homeowners and residents who do not even own dogs to pick up dog feces. 
If you walk a dog, please be responsible and keep your dog from doing its business on private property.  Direct the dog to a common area and, in any case, pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of in your own household trash.
Everyone who resides at Water’s Edge is asked to document to the extent possible the incidences of pet waste problems.  If possible, take a photo of the dog and walker.  Ask the walker to refrain from letting the pet relieve itself on any private property.  And, if possible, ask the person if he or she is visiting from a neighboring community or a Water's Edge resident. 
If the proper documentation can be made available about a particular incident or repeat offender, a report to the County may result in the pet owner incurring a fine up to $250 for violation of the county’s pooper scooper law. 
Pet waste left on the grass, concrete, or in the woods makes its way to storm drains every time it rains. Storm drains lead to lakes or streams that ultimately lead to the Occoquan Reservoir and the Potomac Rivers, our drinking water supply. Pet waste may carry disease-causing organisms, which make water unsafe for swimming and more costly to treat for drinking.
Additionally, dog waste on the ground is ugly and messy. It pollutes our environment even if it is hidden in bushes, under leaves or in the woods. 
So please pick up after your pets. Our collective health depends on it.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Water’s Edge at Fair Lakes Board of Directors

Good Neighbor Parking...
Can You Park in your Driveway?
We ask all residents to please be a good neighbor and fully utilize ALL of their private parking spaces, including your garage and driveway BEFORE parking your any vehicle in our limited number of guest parking spots.  This way we always have enough spots for overflow and our guests.
We thank you for your cooperation.

REMINDER to Townhouse Residents...
Fire Pits & Chimeneas are Illegal
For townhome residents in Fairfax County, using ANY type of portable outdoor fireplaces, including fire pits, chimeneas or other forms of solid-fuel portable fire places are illegal per Section 307.4.3 of the Fairfax County Fire Prevention Code.
This law was created to reduce risk of house fires, property damage, occupant displacement, and personal injury or death from the operation or storage of portable outdoor fireplaces in or around townhouse structures. Potential fire risks associated with misuse of portable outdoor fireplaces is high. A popping ember, an unattended fire pit or improper disposal of leftover ashes can result in accidental ignition of a deck, patio, furniture, or vegetation that could start a fire that burns not just your townhouse, but several of your neighbor’s townhomes.
For violators, Fairfax County can assess a fine up to $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail, or both for each violation.
This law does not apply to single-family homes, but single-family homeowners are reminded to use any fire source safely and responsibly and always have a fire extinguisher nearby.
April 14, 2021

Please Break Down Boxes for Recycling
Please do not place large boxes that are not broken down and flattened next to your recycling bin for pick-up.  Please break them down flat and place them in your recycling bin.  If you have more boxes than can fit into your recycling tote, please flatten all of them for easier handling by our trash collectors.

--- Upcoming Meetings & Events --- Note All Meetings Are Now Virtual Contact SCS to Participate
Board of Direcctors Meeting
Tuesday, December 13th, 6:30 pm at Virtual
Board of Director's Meeting - Virtual
Tuesday, January 10th, 6:30 PM at Virtual
ARC Meeting - Virtual
Tuesday, January 31st, 6:30 pm at Virtual

Water's Edge News
Annual Homeowner's
Meeting Recap
The 2022 Water's Edge HOA Annual Meeting was held virtually on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 7:00 p.m.  A quorum was reached. Thank you to all owners that submitted their proxy to make the meeting official.  A copy of the Board's presentation is available here.
The meeting's agenda included:
  • Quorum Verification & Call to Order and Welcome
  • Approval of 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • Board and Community Manager Introductions
  • Community Overview, Operations, Accomplishments, Issues and 2023 Projects
  • Finances, Budget & 2023 Assessments (Dues)  
  • Committee Reports                    
  • Board Nominations and Mail-in Election Process
  • Adjournment
  • Open Forum & Q&A
The Board highlighted 2022 accomplishments, including:

Common Elements Improvements  Completed in 2022: 
  • Seal Coat all drives, lanes, and circles and repaint
  • Repair drainage area between townhouses on Misty Glen Lane
  • Replace structures for the pond pumps and aerator
  • Repair wooden structures, paint, and trim trees at north and south entrances
  • Replace Water’s Edge entrance sign at south entrance
  • Plant two Trees on Rippling Pond Drive
  • Trim or remove numerous dead or damaged trees; replace and maintain numerous trees, shrubs, and seedlings
  • Scoop the Poop poster contest to encourage pick-up of pet waste
  • Two Social Events (End of School year, Chili Cook-off)
Initiatives for 2023 include:
  • New Reserve Fund Study to address unforeseen increase in inflation
  • Tennis Court color coat
  • Multi-purpose (B-Ball) Court color coat
  • Tot Lots and Outdoor furniture Update
  • Storm Drainage System repair
  • Tree trimming, removal and replacement
  • Landscape improvement to north entrance
  • Parking signage replacement
2023 Dues – 17% increase
 Townhomes:       $433/quarter (+ $64.45)
 Single Family*:   $287/quarter (+ $42.35)
Board Election
Ballots and candidate statements for the election of three Board members will be mailed to all owners.  Two Board seats are for a 3-year term and one seat is to finish the open Board seat for a 1-year term starting in January 2023. The Five owners have been nominated.
Candidate Statement forms for the 4 candidates are available on the Board of Directors tab - Annual Meeting page.
Nov. 18, 2022

ARC Guidelines Updated
Section 32 - Roofs and Shingles
The ARC Regulations (section 32) have been revised and reposted to the HOA website.
The newly added language is highlighted in red:
32.   Roofs and Shingles    
Replacement of roof shingles requires an application to the ARC, even if the color, style, size, and material are an exact duplicate of the original roofing material.  Only full roofing material replacement is allowed, i.e., no partial replacement will be approved.  Emergency replacement of single or several shingles or a small area is permitted that best matches the existing shingles upon approval by the ARC.    All homes and structures within the community shall only use roofing materials approved by the ARC.
The new ARC Guidelines are available on the Committees - Architectural Review - ARC page - ARC Regulations & Application Form section.
May 15, 2022

Covid-19 Update:
Board and ARC Meetings Remain Virtual
All monthly Water’s Edge Board of Director's meetings and ARC meetings will continue to use a virtual Zoom videoconferencing service format. This procedure continues for the safety and health of all participants. The Board and ARC continue to meet monthly at their usual dates and times.  The virtual format will continue until further notice.
Please be assured that the Board and SCS continue to manage the HOA's operations as well as the ARC reviewing Exterior Applications and assisting homeowners in projects.
If as a homeowner, you have a critical need to attend a Board meeting, please contact Anastasia Demos, our Community Manager at 703-631-2003 or via email at ademos@scs-management.com and let her know the specific issue or question you have.  We will attempt to conference in the homeowner by providing a link to the Zoom meeting or address the issue offline.
If you need the ARC's assistance, have questions or need advice on an exterior project, contact them at WatersEdgeARC@gmail.com.
Please watch this website for updates and additional information regarding Board meetings or other HOA news.
Updated: Oct. 24, 2022

Homeowners - How to Register
To access any of the features or information in the Members section, homeowners and residents must register and login. 
To register, select the Register option on the left navigation menu. All you'll need is your name, address, email address, and Water's Edge Account Number*.
* Your Account Number is listed on your Water's Edge-Associa invoice.

Other Local News & Tips
To receive Fairfax County Covid-19 text updates, text:
FFXCOVID to 888777
Or visit Farfax County's Covid-19 page at: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/covid19/
Sept. 9, 2020

Volunteer to Help
The Association is looking for several volunteers for help out on a couple committees:
  • Architectural Review (ARC)
  • Landscaping and Grounds
  • Social
  • Website & Newsletter
The community needs a couple people for the Architectural Review (ARC), the Landscaping and Grounds, and Social  Committees. 
If you would like to volunteer for a committee, and WE DO NEED YOUR HELP.  Please use the Contact Us form and send your message directly to the specific committee.  You may also complete the Committee Volunteer form and submit it directly to SCS.  The form is located on the Forms & Documents page.


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