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Welcome to the Water's Edge at Fair Lakes HOA Website

Annual Exterior Home Inspection Completed
The annual exterior home inspection is completed and violation letters have been sent.
If you did receive a violation notice in the mail, it is the homeowner's responsibility to both correct the issue in a timely manner, AND also notify SCS when the violations have been corrected. It’s an easy process, simply complete and return the Violation Abatement Form via the mail or email to SCS.  Documentation, such as a paid contractors invoice (not just the estimate) and photos of the completed work should be included to close the violation.
Until the owner corrects al the violations on the property, the violations will remain open and costly notifications will continue. Follow-up notification costs will be automatically billed to the homeowner.
By keeping homes in compliance with our community standards, we collectively maintain high property and keep Water’s Edge a beautiful place to live. For a list of items inspected, see the HOA website under Committees – ARC.
July 3, 2021

Keeping Our Kids Safe…
And Out of the Streets
With the warmer weather approaching, it’s time to remind parents with children, that our streets are NOT designed as playgrounds for small, unsupervised kids. Playing in the streets is very unsafe for small children if not under the watchful eyes of a parent.
Last year, with children home from school due to Covid, we had several near misses and incidents of children almost being hit by cars. In most examples, they children were too young to be playing in the street unsupervised.
Nearly half drivers in a recent survey admitted driving over 10 mph over the speed limit in a residential street in the last month. These are areas where children play, and could unexpectedly run out to chase a ball. Two in five drivers report reading a text message while driving and one-third sent a message in the last month while driving.

With the increasing level of distraction among drivers, it’s best to require kids to play in yards, in the grassy circles or our community tot lots and multi-use ball court.
REMEMBER: All it takes is just a few seconds of distraction, even for the most innocent purpose for a child to be hit by a car. Let’s keep our kids safe and OFF THE STREETS.
April 14, 2021

REMINDER to Townhouse Residents...
Fire Pits & Chimeneas are Illegal
For townhome residents in Fairfax County, using ANY type of portable outdoor fireplaces, including fire pits, chimeneas or other forms of solid-fuel portable fire places are illegal per Section 307.4.3 of the Fairfax County Fire Prevention Code.
This law was created to reduce risk of house fires, property damage, occupant displacement, and personal injury or death from the operation or storage of portable outdoor fireplaces in or around townhouse structures. Potential fire risks associated with misuse of portable outdoor fireplaces is high. A popping ember, an unattended fire pit or improper disposal of leftover ashes can result in accidental ignition of a deck, patio, furniture, or vegetation that could start a fire that burns not just your townhouse, but several of your neighbor’s townhomes.
For violators, Fairfax County can assess a fine up to $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail, or both for each violation.
This law does not apply to single-family homes, but single-family homeowners are reminded to use any fire source safely and responsibly and always have a fire extinguisher nearby.
April 14, 2021

Please Break Down Boxes for Recycling
Please do not place large boxes that are not broken down and flattened next to your recycling bin for pick-up.  Please break them down flat and place them in your recycling bin.  If you have more boxes than can fit into your recycling tote, please flatten all of them for easier handling by our hard-working trash  collectors.

Trash Update During Covid
Weekly trash (Mondays and Thursdays) and recycling (Mondays) will continue as normal. However, all special "bulk" pick-ups of large items, appliances, furniture, and other items has been discontinued by American Disposal Service, until further notice. 
Please DO NOT place large items curbside.  Please take them to the I-66 West Ox Recycling and Transfer Station across form Costco Plaza or contact a private trash hauler such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK to remove the items.
Additionally, lawn debris pick-ups during Covid may be delayed by a day or two.  If scheduled lawn debris pick ups do not occur as scheduled, please leave it curbside for the next pick-up.  Make sure to use ONLY PAPER bags or a trash can clearly marked "LAWN DEBRIS" fo rany lawn clippings.
Please watch this web page for updates and additional information regarding Board meetings or other HOA news.
April 14, 2021

Good Neighbor Parking...
Can You Park in your Driveway?
With more people at home due to Covid, we ask all residents to please be a good neighbor and fully utilize ALL of their private parking spaces, including your garage and driveway BEFORE parking your vehicles in our limited number of guest parking spots. 
We thank you for your neighborly cooperation.
Updated: April 14, 2021

--- Upcoming Meetings & Events --- Note All Meetings Are Now Virtual Contact SCS to Participate
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, August 10th, 6:30 PM at Virtual
Monthly ARC Meeting
Tuesday, August 31st, 6:30 PM at Virtual
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, September 14th, 6:30 PM at Virtual

Water's Edge News
Fall Projects Around
Water's Edge
The Board has approved two projects for implementation in the fall.  These include:
Mailbox Replacement
The HOA will replace all the old mailboxes in the community with new and more secure cluster boxes. 
Expected completion: Nov. 2021.
South Entrance Face-Lift
The Landscaping & Gardening Committee will beautify the south entrance of Water’s Edge at Great Heron Drive. Based on  being awarded a $2,350 grant from Audubon at Home, the south entrance grounds will be updated with native plants.
Updated July, 19, 2020

Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay
Now that warmer days are here, mosquitos are buzzing. But we can all help reduce their presence in Water’s Edge by taking a few easy steps. And by reducing mosquitos we can help reduce the chances of not just annoying bites, but the transmission of infectious diseases such as West Nile virus.
It only takes a few minutes to implement a few techniques to reduce mosquito breeding.
1 - Get Rid of Standing Water
Mosquitoes reproduce in water, in about 4 days even in a small amount of water that would fit in a bottle cap. That means it’s imperative to immediately empty any item outdoors that holds water after a rainfall.  Keep outdoor toys, buckets, empty flowerpots, clogged gutters or anywhere water can pool empty when not in use. Emptying and changing the water in bird baths, kiddie wading pools, and potted plant trays at least once a week to help reduce mosquito larvae.
2 - Keep Your Yard Under Control
Mosquitoes favor cooler spots in the shade, so mow your grass often (weekly if possible), cut back high grass, brush, and tree limbs.  By minimizing tall grass or limbs that cast shadows on your yard, you make the area surrounding your home much less appealing to mosquitoes. Less shade allows grassy areas to dry out faster after rainfall.
3 – On Decks and Patios, Swap White Exterior Bulbs for Yellow Bulbs
At night, mosquitos are generally less attracted to yellow light, so swap white exterior bulbs for yellow ones in areas where you sit outside.
Thanks for helping Water’s Edge reduce the mosquito population.
Updated July 2, 2021

Covid-19 Update:
Board and ARC Meetings Move to Virtual Meeting Format
The monthly Water’s Edge Board of Director's meeting and ARC meetings will continue in a virtual format using Zoom videoconferencing service. This change is for the safety and health of all participants. The Board and ARC will continue to meet monthly at their usual dates and times.  The virtual format will continue until further notice.
Please be assured that the Board and SCS will continue to manage the HOA's operations as well as the ARC to review Exterior Applications and assist homeowners in projects.
If as a homeowner you have a critical need to attend a Board meeting, please contact Anastasia Demos, our Community Manager at 703-631-2003 or via email at ademos@scs-management.com and let her know the specific issue or question you have.  We will attempt to conference in the homeowner by providing a link to the meeting or address the issue offline.
If you need the ARC's assistance, have questions or need advice on an exterior project, please contact them at WatersEdgeARC@gmail.com.
Please watch this web page for updates and additional information regarding Board meetings or other HOA news.

Updated Sept. 9, 2020

Homeowners - How to Register
To access any of the features or information in the Members section, homeowners and residents must register and login. 
To register, select the Register option on the left navigation menu. All you'll need is your name, address, email address, and Water's Edge Account Number*.
* Your Account Number is listed on your Water's Edge-Associa invoice.

Other Local News & Tips
To receive Fairfax County Covid-19 text updates, text:
FFXCOVID to 888777
Or visit Farfax County's Covid-19 page at: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/covid19/
Sept. 9, 2020

Volunteer to Help
The Association is looking for several volunteers for help out on a couple committees:
  • Architectural Review (ARC)
  • Landscaping and Grounds
  • Social
  • Website & Newsletter
The community needs a couple people for the ARC and the Landscaping and Grounds Committee to keep our community looking good and property values high.  It's also tough to create a "sense of community" without getting to know your neighbors so a social Committee is needed to help people get out and meet their neighbors on a social basis, plan a few friendly events and get people involved.  And lastly, the website and expanded newsletter won't create itself without a few volunteers for the Website and Newsletter Committee helping write and edit our resident communications.
If you would like to volunteer for a committee, and WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please use the Contact Us form and send your message directly to the specific committee.  You may also complete the Committee Volunteer form and submit it directly to SCS.  The form is located on the Forms & Documents page.


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